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Supervisor: Mistral
Archive: 1998-1999
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This championship is based on the European Champions League. In this championship groups of max 20 teams each are used. However, note that a group in BLUE is merely a container of teams (even though the intra-group table is also significative), insofar there are no direct matchups between teams in the same group. Each team in BLUE just plays to add up as many fantasy points as possible for the given game day and its total for the season determines its ranking in the general championship standings. The winner of the championship is the team highest ranked at the end of the season (after the CL final). If needed, the value of your team (players values plus available budget) will be used as a tie-breaker. The general standings are visibile via the links to the BLUE championship that can be found on the team or group page (and also from the manager's page or even on the FF homepage itself).

In order to give a fair shot at the general standing to managers arriving later in the season, the worst result will have to be discarded from the total at the end of the first round of the season (6 matchdays). In other words, if you join in the first 2nd turn of Champions' League you haven't lost any ground in the general standings. General standings accounting for the discarded result will be visible ONLY on the FORUM.

Rosters are formed by 15 players in the 2-5-5-3 format (2 keeper, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards). The initial roster can be filled up at the current FF prices, and every player can be bought and sold by any team in the group without any limit, all year long.

In this championship the market is always open: 7/7 24/24. However, please keep in mind that you will score fantafoot points only with your team saved on the latest freeze-out date for the given turn (see HELP). Moreover, after a freeze-out (tipically on Tuesdays at 20.00 CET) and before results and new prices are published (tipically the following Friday) you can play the market.

Moreover, note that the market is limited in the sense that you will only have a limited number of market options (each sell/buy operation decreasing from your available options). A new team, after the first freeze-out (no market limits before), will have 2 market options in stock and every time result/prices are published an extra 4 market options will be awarded. Market options are cumulative so you can save and spend them when you want during the season.

After the first round (6 matchdays), 5 market options, instead of 4 will be awarded after each freezeout.

The only acceptable layout is of type 4-4-2. Between freeze-outs the saved frozen layout/roster will be accumulating fantasy points for all Champions League games played that period.

Changes and Additions to the Standard Rules

  1. There are no direct matchups between teams.
  2. Market/tactics is alway open, but market options are limited (see above).
  3. The initial budget is 96 credits.
  4. The layout is strictly 4-4-2.
  5. Grades are determined as follows: if a team wins away every player of that team that played that game will get a 7, if it wins home a 6.5, for a dray away 6.25, draw home 5.75, loss away 5.5 and loss home 5. Grades are then corrected to take into account the bonus high score. That is if a team wins scoring more than 2 goals with respect to the opponent, every player ov the winning team is granted +0.25 points for each gol exceeding the 2nd and every player of the loosing team is granted -0.25 points for each goal against exceeding the 2nd.
  6. There is no default sub (virtual substitutions).
  7. Standard bonus/malus are used with the following exceptions/additions:
    • goal on a penalty +2 and not +3
    • missed penalty -2, saved penalty +2
    • assist, +1.5 (if for some reason FF cannot get hold of the assist stats for the given turn then they will not be counted).
    • every goal but one scored against the given player team will be punished as follows: keepeer -1, defender -0.5, midfielder -0.25
    • if the given player team does not coincede any goal then: keeper +1.25, defender +0.5, midfielder +0.25
    • if the given player team does not score any goal then: forward -0.5, midfielder -0.25
    • if the given player hits a pole then: +0.25