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Standard Rules


The following form the set of Standard Rules, which apply for every FF Championship by default unless specifically stated. If a Championship uses different rules, or variants, these will be specified on the RULES page for the championship (reachable from the RULES link next to the Championship name on the FF homepage or elsewhere on the site). Unless specific variants/emendaments are stated in the Championship rules then FF will use the following rules for all situations not expliticely covered.

Aim of the game

The objective is to organize a roster of players divided in the positions in which they usually play in real-life (goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, forward) and play matches vs. other teams that belong to the same group. Players get points based on their real-life statistics. To form the initial roster fantamanagers must participate in an auction, together with the other fantamanagers of the same group, with a given initial budget. In some Championship there is not an auction: in these cases Fantamanagers buy players at the prices set by FF. Then the Championship begins: teams play weekly matches getting 3 points for a victory and 1 point for a draw (standard championships) or possibly just accumulating fantasy points, week in and week out. Fantasy points are based on the grades that sports newspapers assign to the give player after a real-life matches as well as a set of bonus/malus points linked to the player's statistics (goals scored, yellow cards etc.) for the given game. Each week, then, fantamanager defines a lineup, among one of the allowed layouts, of 11 players and some substitutes, chosen among their roster, before the week's freeze-out time.
The available layouts are: 343 352 442 433 451 532 541. However it is possible that for some Championship there is a further restriction and not all the above metioned layouts are allowed. When it is so, such a restriction is clearly stated in the Championship specific rules.


It's not possible to change the lineup and/or to trade players when the real matches are started and until the calculations for the results are over. That's why FF estabilishes weekly freeze-outs, that is a fixed hour and minute before which market and tactics (i.e. lineup changes in FF lingo) are accepted, and after which the same are no longer accepted (except for those championship adopting always-on market/tactics, but in that case all operations will count for the next freeze out only). Freeze-out time is usually half an hour before the actual start of the first League match of the week (e.g. for the Italian Serie A it is at 8 pm each saturday). In case of complicated schedules (eg English Premierleague) there could be more than one freeze-out per week and the term "week" is intended as "matches played between a given freezeout and the next". To date, FF only supports leagues which do not have this problem. Current freeze-out for every League is always indicated on the FF Homepage.

The Match

A match is played between two teams belonging to the same group (group-type Championships) or played by a given team without an opponent with the aim of adding up fantapoint (no-groups type championships). Matches are always played by lineups formed by 11 players. Substitutes are allowed (see below). The result is calculated as follows:

  1. Calculation of the Fantapoints for each player of the team (11 players per team)
  2. Calculation of the team- total for each team
  3. Comparison of the 2 team-totals (only in Group Championships)
  • Fantapoint: is the sum of the mark given by a newspaper (usually the average of the marks given by Italian newspapers (Gazzetta dello Sport and Corriere dello Sport) and the bonus. A player can get bonuses (positive or negative) in the following cases:
    1. +3 points if he scores a goal (+3 each goal)
    2. +3 points if he saves a goal when the opponent team kick a penalty
    3. -2 points if he scores a owngoal
    4. -3 points if he misses a penalty
    5. -1 point if he takes a goal - -1 each goal - (only for goalkeepers)
    6. <
    7. -0,5 points if he gets a yellow card
    8. -1 point if he gets a red card (or two yellow cards)
    Special cases:
    1. In case of a penalty, the following bonuses could be given:
    2. If the player scores -> player +3, goalkeeper -1;
    3. if the goalkeeper touches the ball and the ball doesn't enter into the net -> player -3. goalkeeper +3;
    4. if the player doesn't score but the goalkeeper doesn't touch the ball -> player -3, goalkeeper 0;
    5. if the goalkeeper saves and the player taps in and scores -> player 0, goalkeeper +2.
    6. Sometimes newspapers assign a SV (no mark) to players who play only few minutes. In this case the player doesn't' take a fantapoint and is substituted by the first player on the bench that plays in the same position. But if a goalkeeper plays at least 20 minutes and he gets a SV, he gets the fantapoint = 6 + bonus.
    7. When we uses the average of two newspapers and only one of the two give the mark to a player (that is when the other newspaper assigns a SV), that mark is considered for the fantapoint.
    8. If a player gets a SV and takes N goals his fantapoint is 6-N
    9. If a player gets a SV and a red card his fantapoint is 4
    10. If a player gets a SV and scores a goal his fantapoint is 9
    11. If a player gets a SV and save a penalty his fantapoint is 9
    12. If a player gets a SV and fails a penalty his fantapoint is 3
    13. If a player gets a SV and a yellow card he is substituted by the first player on the bench playing in the same position.
    14. If a player during a real match becomes a goalkeeper, when the goalkeeper gets a red card, he gets the bonuses as if he were a real goalkeeper.
  • Team-total: is the sum of the 11 fantapoints of the 11 players that play the fantasy match.
    In most championships the fantasy team that plays home gets 2 more points in order to simulate the advantage for playing home (only in group championships).
  • ):: In order to determine the final result of a fantasy match the 2 team-totals are compared and turned into goals. The comparison begins with the team that has got the lower team-total.
    • If the team-total is below 66 points the team scores 0 (zero) goals.
    • If the team-total is between 66 points and 71.75 points the team scores 1 (one) goal
    • If the team-total is between 72 points and 77.75 points the team scores 2 (two) goals
    • If the team-total is between 78 points and 83.75 points the team scores 3 (three) goals - and so on every 6 points
    • Then FF checks the team-total of the opponent team, that gets one more goal of the first team every 4 points.
    (EG: team A 60 points, team B 73 points -> result of the match: 0-3. Team A 78 points, team B 77 points -> result: 2-2. Team A 70 points, team B 66 points -> result 2-1 )

    Exceptions will be .

  • Substitutions

    When a player doesn't play the match (or is considered SV by the two newspapers) the substitutions are ruled as follows:

    1. Every team must have in his lineup 7 substitutes, at least one for each position.
    2. every team can substitute maximum 3 players each match (virtual substitutions included).
    3. Substitutes can be utilized only if they play the real match and gets a mark, to substitute players that didn't play that match or get a SV and are classified in the same position (goalkeepers substitutes goalkeepers, defenders subtitute defenders etc.)
    4. If a team needs more than 3 playes to be substituted, FF uses the following procedure:
    5. It substitutes the first player each position: goalkeeper first, then a defender, then a midfilder and eventually a forward (but always 3 substitutions maximum).
    6. If there isn't enough valid players, it substitutes the second in the line, with the same order (goalkeeper, defender etc.).
  • Virtual substitution: If a team doesn't have a valid substitute, FF makes a virtual substitution, using a virtual player that gets a fantapoint = 4 (=3 if the virtual player is a goalkeeper).The virtual substitution can be used only ONE time each match and counts for the 3 maximum substitutions limit.

    These rules are STANDARD, if a championship uses different rules they are written in the RULES of that championship (the links are on the homepage).